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Staff Retention

Many businesses fail to plan beyond evacuation and staff accountability, meaning, once everyone is accounted for: can Business resume the next day, so I have the staff to fill the roles and functions we have to continue or resume business and finally, will I have payroll to pay them.

There are several planning activities that we have to to answer the initial questions but I would like to consider the last thought, that of payroll.

Two of the most important plans you can make for staff is to engage a psychologist and payroll.  Although we focus on the business in our work, if you do not have the staff to continue or resume business, then you may suffer additional losses that mY tip your business over the edge.  

With this in mind find a psychologist with a specialty in disaster-related stress or PSTD.

Regarding payroll to cover the time that you are not generating revenue, you will have to work with your bank for a loan or line of credit to use in case of emergency. Or you can work with your credit card provider or save cash in a weekly or monthly basis in an interest-bearing or investment account.

figuring out your business requirements for how long your business can withstand not generating revenue and how much payroll you can afford is a subject for another day.

The most important thing you can do for your business is to design a disaster recovery solution that will permit your business to resume or continue with the least impact.

Andrea Houtkin